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Waqar Hasan is an Owners' Association Management expert with extensive experience in Facilities Management, Finance, Accounts and Safety Management.

JLT Sewerage Network Shutdown on Thursday 9th June 2016

Dear Owners and Tenants, Please be advised that DMCC will be undertaking a shutdown of the JLT Sewerage Network on Thursday 9th June 2016 to facilitate connection works to the Holding tank which DMCC has recently constructed. The Shutdown shall be managed by Concordia, who will close the required valves across the networks. Itihad Community Management would take necessary measures to [...]

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Dubai Population Statistics 2016

Please be advised that the Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC), Government of Dubai, has commenced their above survey since 28 February 2016 and will be visiting you soon, if not already done so. Please see the notification (link below) from DSC detailing their requirements and procedure in this regard. The Dubai Population Statistics 2016 is a Government of Dubai initiative and [...]

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Water Tanks Cleaning & Disinfection

The Eight Water Storage Tanks located in Basements and Roofs of the two towers will be cleaned and disinfected from 15th May through 19th May 2016. It is mandatory to clean and disinfect all water storage tanks once every six months. Cleaning and Disinfection is scheduled in a way to avoid any disruption of water supply nevertheless there is a possibility [...]

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Potable Water Quality Testing

Association Managers should go into the details of facilities management to ensure the scope of services are set in line with recommended health and safety standards. Leaving all affairs in the hands of  FM companies with broad and vague scope of services is an extremely dangerous practice that paves the way for disasters. This article is aimed to educate Dubai's Owners' [...]


Have you seen water dripping from the ceiling? Water marks on ceiling? or the worst mold on ceiling or walls? Condensation on cold surfaces is a common site in Dubai during humid months between May and October. It is that time of the year when you walk out into the open from an air-conditioned place, and your glasses get frosted. [...]

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Energy Saving – Case Study – Motion Sensor Control for Lighting System

Real Estate Developer, Owners’ Association Managers and Boards are motivated by different factors to improve energy efficiency. Reducing energy consumption reduces energy bills and may result in reducing Service Charge budget or improve rental returns for developments owned by single entities.  However true savings are only possible if the Net Present Value (NPV) of the energy saving project is positive.In [...]

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Are BTU meters Required for Energy Saving?

The pressure on Owners’ Association Managers and Interim Boards of the Dubai’s Owners’ Associations to save on energy bills has created a sort of group think in the entire industry.  Owners’ complain of high service charge, the OA manager explains that more than 50% is going to energy bills, the solution; install meters and transfer some cost of energy to [...]

Why Do Owners’ Associations Need Reserve Fund?

Reserve fund in the context of Jointly Owned Property is an amount of money set aside to pay for major expenses that are expected in the long run.  One of the most significant reasons for maintaining a property reserve fund is because it spreads obvious expenses evenly over a given period. This enables one to plan and meet these obligations [...]

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