Mold Dubai - Chilled water condensationHave you seen water dripping from the ceiling? Water marks on ceiling? or the worst mold on ceiling or walls?
Condensation on cold surfaces is a common site in Dubai during humid months between May and October. It is that time of the year when you walk out into the open from an air-conditioned place, and your glasses get frosted.

What is Condensation?

Condensation in our context is the change of water vapor  in the air into water droplets when they come into contact with a cold surface. i.e when air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as bottle of cold water, we see water droplets.
Condensation on a surface is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the surface and air, and the moisture content in the air.


How does it affect your Owners’ Association?

The most visible: Damage to ceiling, will turn away tenants.
Energy loss through poor insulation will result in paying high bills.
Water droplets on the floor may cause someone to slip
The most grave: Mold is serious health hazard


How to prevent condensation on Chilled Water Pipes in Dubai?

A little bit of condensation on AC vents, Wall tiles, other fittings is can be eliminated by:


  1. Minimizing ingress of Humid Air from outside, this can be done by ensuring doors and windows are closed. Fresh air is being chilled before blown into the building. And if necessary installing a dehumidifier will allow water vapor to condensate on its coil rather than other surfaces.
  2. If  condensation is due to inadequate insulation on chilled water pipes then it requires a different approach. You need to know the following:

    1. Size of pipe (Radius or diameter)
    2. Chilled Water temperature flowing through the temperature, you may use 5 C.
    3. Ambient (Room temperature) use 24-26 C
    4. Relative Humidity, For Dubai use 86% or more for your calculations.

Run the above numbers through software provided by insulation manufacturers, such as IsoCalc, screenshot of which can also be seen.

It will recommend the insulation thickness and estimated price.

You may then include these specifications in your tender.

After re-insulation of chilled water pipes, there would be a civil job requirement to remove the damaged ceiling portions.

Finally you will be able to get clean ceilings.

Insulation repair Dubai

Where to buy Insulation

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