NOC from Owners’ Association is mandatory prior to transferring title in a jointly owned property. It provides disclosure regarding the conditions, covenants and restrictions. It also provides an assurance to the buyer that the property being purchased does not have any liability with regards to amounts owed to the Owners.

You will find below the process, required documents, fee, time,  and a link to Access the Service Online.

  1. Process
    1. Before the NOC can be applied for, all dues to the Owners’ Association must be paid.
    2. The buyer should download, print and sign the Buyers’ Undertakings.
    3. The Seller should download, print and sign the Assignment Form
    4. The Buyer and Seller should execute the MOU.
    5. Apply for the NOC using E-Service link below
    6. Upon receipt of Online Application, Compliance team shall approve the application on behalf of the Owners’ Association and forward the application to Customer Service for issuance of NOC.
    7. The Buyer or his authorized representative should visit Itihad Community Management’s office with the original documents listed in point (2,3 & 4) and collect the NOC.
  2. Required Documents
    1. From the Seller and Buyer
      1. Current Title Deed
      2. Incase of Individual(s) (Real Persons):
        1. Passport;
        2. UAE Residence Visa (applicable only for UAE residents)
        3. Emirates ID (applicable only for UAE Residents)
      3. Incase of Local Company
        1. Trade License,
        2. Shareholders Certificate,
        3. Memorandum & Articles of Association
      4. Incase of offshore or Foreign Company
        1. Certificate of Incorporation & Incumbency
        2. Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation
        3. Shareholder’s Certificate
        4. Passport copy of Authorized Signatory (Including Visa Page and Emirates ID for UAE residents)
      5. Power of Attorney, Passport copy of Attorney where applicable. (Including Visa Page and Emirates ID for UAE residents)
  3. Fee
    1. AED 500/- it takes 3 working Days from submission of complete application). This fee is non refundable.
    2. Refundable Deposit of AED 5,000.
      This deposit shall be credited to the statement of seller upon provision of New Title Deed through Online Service. Refund application should be processed withing 30 days from the date of issue of NOC, there will be a charge of AED 100 per day from 31st Day onwards. Any Dues arising  during the period between issuance of NOC and transfer of Title shall be deducted from the Deposit. A cheque will be issued for the balance in the name of Seller. Apply using E-Service. It takes maximum 3 days to issue the cheque from the date of of valid Refund application.
    3. If the deal is cancelled, the deposit shall be credited back to sellers account.  Apply using E-Services.

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