Chilled water main line broke yesterday (April 9th 2017) at about 4pm causing a flood. There was also a secondary leak from the fire sprinkler supply line when the broken chilled water pipe hit it.

Elevators were switched off to prevent damage and Three elevators have been made operational as of this moment.

Due to the size and nature of the chilled water line which has a diameter of 16 inches and rated for 25 bar pressure only specialized contractors can do the job. Also the parts required to permanently fix the broken section have a lead time of about a week. However we will schedule the work in 2 stages.

The repair work for quick fix will start today and expected to be completed by evening. Once the pipe has been fixed and water is filled back into the lines, cooling will begin and it may take 24 to 48 hours for full restoration. Some sections get cooling sooner than others, while some get affected due to air locks.

Once the required parts are delivered a permanent solution will be scheduled for a weekend to avoid minimal inconvenience. We are doing everything we can restore the services at the earliest. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Below are the images of the broken section for your understanding of the situation